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Software Engineer

@ illimity Bank

About me


I might be the type who quietly lends an ear to others.

Life Goal

Be a Breaking Change: a change leading to an evolution in the system, when applied to human relationships, can mark a before and after, and is better if carried out withkindness.


After graduating from the ITTS Institute with a specialization in computer science, I continued my studies in the field of IT at the University of Florence, where I earned my bachelor's degree in 2021.

I initially joinedLotrèk Digital Agencyas a web developer and later transitioned to the role of a frontend developer, with a specialization in Vue and Website Performance.
Meanwhile I joined theDjango Girlscommunity as a coach, It was a very important experience for me, allowing me to support women in their first interactions with the world of programming.

One month before mybachelor'sdegree, I decided to explore a different career path by joining Sysdata.
I began my journey as a consultant at illimity and, eight months later, was hired as a Software Engineering Specialist byillimity.

The rest is present and, above all, future.



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